Sunday, November 28, 2010

my *@#$^&$ 's blog


i had my class canceled and i just thinking what to sis did asked me to teman her to something to do with her "elaun" then she gonna go straight to mid valley with our niece to bring her jalan2..
owh..forgot to mention i terlepas timing nak join them for window shopping (thanks to my friend for late info) kalau x i dah dpt join dorg..
ok2..smbg balik.
i just do random stuff (updating facebook,twitter n blog also voting) then i'm thinking i need to do random reading from my friends' blog


i found this guy's blog..
"GUY" here to mention is the one i told my best friend SYAZANA ZULKEFLIE that i really confused whether i love him or not. to note here its LOVE okey..??and then you know what I DID NOT KNOW THAT HE HAS/HAD BLOG (last update last year)

p/s: maybe he's busy.who knows and i can't mention his name/ give the link to his blog,so find out urself.

but then i read and read and read again and my heart that time going thump,thump,thump (sorry okey, i don't know how to describe the sound) but for sure its crazy inside.then i terbaca he's mentioning his girlfriend.HE GOT HIMSELF A GIRLFRIEND..!!! so i was like WHAT THE HELL..??!!! i was late..for sure my bf was like "padan la muka ko..waktu dia nak kat ko,ko jual mahal..kan dah terlepas"..(he's trying to woo me before but i .......) and the worst part yet he put the girl name (for sure its not my name) and called her "my babe"..urgh yucks (maybe i was jealous) then again he bla, bla, bla, bla, and bla about her. she's pretty (me), nice (me), hot (hurm maybe not me..ok2 i admit she's hot.i know cause he put the pics there,he and her sebelah2..mmg PADAN 100%) and bla, bla, bla...

p/s: i was not trying to jual just that i don't know my feeling for him yet.

but then again i'm thinking maybe before i was like "kitorang x sesuai la,dia hensem..ak??" maybe that what i was thinking..but now....


*sorry to many p/s

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